Overview Hipfest
 HipFest stands for HIPHOP and FESTIVAL
 In Hiphop there are many other genres such as rap, Dj, Beatbox, graffity, skateboard .... However, in the above categories in Vietnam, the dance genre developed quite strong compared to other genres
 Despite being after the world, Vietnam's dance and hip-hop dancers in Vietnam have also won a lot in the international arena. HIPFEST was established in 2014 with a larger and larger scale each year, expanding to Southeast Asia in 2017.
 2018 is a breakthrough year when HIPFEST is able to host programs in 12 countries to look for teams representing the country and go to Vietnam battle international finals. HIPFEST INTERNATIONAL 2018 will be a world class season to attract the world's top dancers to compete in Vietnam.
 HIPFEST UNI is a performance exchange program organized at 6 colleges and universities such as FPT, Ton Duc Thang, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HUTECH University, University of Finance and Marketing, Hoa Sen University. , to warm up for HIPFEST INTERANTIONAL took place on 8- 9/12/2018 we Thanh Nien Cultural House q1, Ho Chi Minh City
 CUP HIPFEST UNI Final of 6 Universities will take place on 8/12/2018 at Youth Cultural House

 HipFest is held from 2014 to 2018 gathered thousands of youth athletes who love hiphop art participation.
 The support and co-operation of Union of Ho Chi Minh City Friendship Organizations and International Alumni Network - iAN with the desire to create a dynamic playground for young people and students exchange "Hipfest" is an international tournament held in 12 countries in 2018. The final will take place on 8-9 / 12/2018 in Ho Chi Minh City
Tounaments Information
DAY 1:
1. FREE STYLE 1 VS 1: Domestic (only vietnam)
Choose Top 4 Vietnam continue battle next day (with the winner of 12 countries

2. BREAKING 1 VS 1: Domestic (only vietnam)
Choose Top 4 Vietnam + 12 winner countries battle from Top 16 to finalists to find the Champion.

*** --------------------------------- ***

Day 2:
1. FREE STYLE 1 vs 1 : Top 4 Vietnam + 12 winner countries battle from Top 16 to finalists to find the Champion.

2. BREAKING 4 vs 4: EXTENSIONS registrations (regardless of Nationality). All will start battle from outside to inside


Winner = 1500 usd + (updating ...)
2nd = 500 usd + (updating ...)

Winner = 1500 usd + (updating ...)
2nd = 500 usd + (updating ...)

Winner = 2000 usd + (updating ...)
2nd = 500 usd + (updating ...)

*** --------------------------------- ***

BREAKING: updating ........... (3 Judge)
FREE STYLE: updating ........( 3 Judge)
DJ: France + VietNam
MC: .......... + VietNam

General Rules
Organizers take no responsibility or obligation over resolving any conflict or petition relating to submission/music copyright of participators.

Organizers take no responsibility over risks while performing during the competition of dancers and dancing teams.
Organizers reserve right to use participators’ image during the competition for promotion purpose without any charge

Dancers are self aware of the danger level of their performance.
The Organizing Committee will prepare the medical team to support the program
In case of conflict, the final decision is made by the organizers.
Organizers have the right to revise the terms if necessary.

For more information, please contact us
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hipfest
 Website: hipfestvn.com
 Hotline: +84 898452394

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