About Us

 HipFest stands for HIPHOP and FESTIVAL
 In Hiphop there are many other genres such as rap, Dj, Beatbox, graffity, skateboard .... However, in the above categories in Vietnam, the dance genre developed quite strong compared to other genres
 Despite being after the world, Vietnam's dance and hip-hop dancers in Vietnam have also won a lot in the international arena. HIPFEST was established in 2014 with a larger and larger scale each year, expanding to Asia and around the world
 Eespecially we open Hipfest qualifier in 12 countries took part in Hipfest in 2018, and 19 countries in 2019. It become be a nice competition for the world top dancers step by step. "HIPFEST" is a gathering place for talents from all over the country and around the world in the fields of sports and street arts gradually forming a festival for all fans to attend.
 Hipfest is an annual premier breakdance big event which is held to exchange cultural with other countries, further and more important it is a chance to meet and connect crews all around the world.
Hipfest ensure compliance with regulations, fundamentals, policies of Government about foreign affairs and diplomacy; ensure security for participants, Hipfest also contribute to build a friendly and hospitable image of Vietnamese and professional in organizing domestic and international events


Passion Overcoming Challenge

Every one of us has ambition to dream, but for some reason we come to Hiphop in particular and street art in general, from which we realize that passion is gradually Taking over the heart, we realize that we have the skills that hip hop is the place to honor is where we show it. We have to go anywhere without fear of loneliness.
When we are happy or sad we still dance, it seems inseparable from our lives. There is happiness with glory also has failed and bitter, but it is interesting that when just we are dancers and bboy can be experience and enjoy the taste it?
If someone tells you that dancing is pointless to buy fun. Tell them that this is an interesting thing they will never understand that feeling ...
Just keep dreaming, but enjoy your passion when you're young.
Are you passionate enough to overcome challenges and obstacles to succeed?

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The HipFest Season
The first time HipFest was launched in the country at Dam Sen Cultural Park, HCMC. Hiphop was held with two genres attracting 80 teams. There was almost 4,000 spectators, and a lot of dancing groups from eastern and western participated.
In December 2015 Hipfest be held at the Crescent, Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC. The program is part of a festival IFD international festival annually
Constantly growing in 2016:
HipFest be included in the festival held in HCM City Development and Integration to become one of the main activities of the festival.
Hipfest open nationwide scale solutions in two areas of Hanoi - HCMC. Professional dancers converge in the country competing for iAn Hipfest Cup 2016 and is sponsored by Lets Viet media TV, Young media TV...

HIPFEST ASEAN CUP (7 countries)
HIPFEST WORLD FINAL (19 countries)


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