SHOWCASE (50 schools and universities)

<*> PERFROMANCES (just for school- university)
• Showcase performance ( 8 - 20 persons/crew)
(all students from schools and universities without any discrimination)

• Register time: From Sep 20th, 2019 to November 10th, 2019 (follow the dispatch line to schools)
• Announcement of school and representative team: November15th, 2019 at Website ,and fanpage

Ø ROUND 1: at the stage of big hall (knock out round)
• the competitions choose music and content by themselves. However, the performance does not last over 3 minutes. The participants must send the music for the organizers at leats 1 week in advance
• Note : Teams showcase should copy the music into the USB, prepare costume and make up for your performance with the fine Vietnam custom. Each team need a supporter to provide music for the sound department.
• 6 best performances (from 50 schools) will go into the FINAL at 8pm (20.00 p.m) at main stage
Music and content will be chosen by organizers “update soon” (all dance categories). The performances do not last over 4 minutes. Each team need a supporter to provide music for the sound department.
B. Scoring criteria
+ Imagination : 25 score
+ Technique (difficulty, music handling) : 25 score
+ Dance (even movements and team formation) : 30 score
+ Execution : 10 score
+ Costume : 10 score

General Rules


1. We are not responsible for resolving any conflicts or recommendations about music/image copyright of participants.
2. The participants can know the danger level of their movements, so we are not responsible for resolving any risks or injuries when participants perform in the competition.
3. We will have the medical team to support the competitions
4. We have a right to use the image of participants during the competitions for promotional purpose without any charge
5. In the case of conflicts, the final decision is made by Hipfest Organizers
We have the right to modify terms in necessary without notice in advance

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